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Ignite introduces a transformative and accessible model for launching validators and Avalanche Subnets — designed for everyone, ranging from institutions to individual developers and Web3 natives.

Built from the ground-up to be permissionless, flexible and economical, Ignite ensures blockchain builders can afford to build atop Avalanche’s cutting-edge Web3 technology — making validation affordable and igniting an explosion of Web3 innovation.

Why Ignite?

The CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) problem

Let’s say a young developer is looking to build a next-generation DeFi protocol that requires a high-performance network, customizable gas management, and pre-compiled smart-contracts. After surveying the blockchain landscape of L1s and L2s he wisely determines that a subnet on Avalanche is the solution.

Until he discovers how expensive it is to run one:

Minimum stake for Avalanche validator:
2,000 AVAX

Minimum validators for a Subnet (recommended):
Six validators = 6 * 2,000 AVAX
= 12,000 AVAX ($320,000 as of December 8, 2023)

Instead of building and launching his DeFi protocol, he now has spent the next three months of his life creating decks, revising his pitch, and convincing funds to invest in his start-up that has no MVP — all with $320,00 already ringfenced to run his subnet.

Through Ignite, the cost to run his subnet can be as low as ~ 24 AVAX a week.

Ignite’s two models

Ignite has two options for its validation service: Pay As You Go (PAYG) and Stake

PAYG vs Stake

Pay As You Go (PAYG)
PAYG is Ignite’s rental model service that drastically reduces the amount of capital required to launch an Avalanche validator.

Pay once (in USDC, AVAX or QI), and Ignite will provide all the AVAX needed to launch a validator. This transforms validating a subnet from a CAPEX to an OPEX (Operating Expense) consideration, a first for the industry.

If paid in QI, there will be a 5% discount.

The Stake validation service is Ignite’s staking model that lowers the barrier of entry for AVAX holders to start validating the Avalanche network.

Staking requires a mix of AVAX and QI collateral to get started, with no fees attached to using it. Instead of requiring 2000 AVAX to launch a validator, users can launch one with a minimum of 500 AVAX + 150 AVAX worth of QI. You will earn the proportional amount of network rewards based on your stake.

To learn more about Ignite, head over to our docs. To get started, head over to Ignite.




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