BENQI partners with Halborn to ensure the security of the protocol by using testing infrastructure and tools from a leading cybersecurity firm.

BENQI is pleased to announce that Halborn, an elite blockchain security firm, has partnered with the team to optimize the security of the protocol.

Halborn is a Blockchain Cybersecurity firm that brings with it award-winning ethical hackers and blockchain specialists. Halborn has won several hackathons such as the EOS SF Hackathon, the 2020 Wyoming Blockchain Hackathon, as well as clinching first place in NetWars. …

BENQI is excited to announce our upcoming integration of the widely used Chainlink Price Feeds — pre-built and time-tested decentralized oracle networks that provide high-quality price data on-chain for various cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange rates, commodities, stocks, indices, and more. By being one of the initial protocols to leverage Chainlink on Avalanche, BENQI will decentralize one of the fundamental components within the protocol: the price oracle.

Chainlink Price Feeds are a critical component to securing key on-chain operations within BENQI’s algorithmic liquidity markets, particularly around supplying accurate and up-to-date price data to smart contracts when calculating lending rates and checking liquidation…

The team at BENQI would like to express how thankful and grateful we are for the patience and continued support that the community granted us as we conducted a thorough audit of the sale. Although the sale concluded within 90 minutes, a portion of the sale was abused by certain participants. To the community members that brought the issue to our attention — we are thankful for your actions and continuous support.

Public Sale Recap

Since the first announcement of BENQI’s Public Sale in mid-April, the team has been humbled by the positive support for the project. To accommodate the…

Due to the overwhelming participation during the BENQI public sale registrations, we expect the public sale to be highly competitive. In preparation of the public sale on 28th April 2021, 9am Pacific Time, we would like to outline the steps to participate:

Sale Time:

  • Public A and Public B rounds — April 28, 09:00 Pacific Time

Purchaser Limits:

  • Public A — $500 min; $5,000 max
  • Public B — $100 min; $1,000 max

Important Instructions for Registrants: Only KYC ‘verified’ users will be able to purchase QI tokens. We will continue to process KYC for users who already have the status…

The BENQI Public Sale was announced only a week ago, and we have seen incredible demand and unprecedented registration numbers on Tokensoft. The team is humbled and grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response from the community. It is clear that the project has resonated with many, and we are excited to share some changes to the parameters of our Public Sale.

We will be lowering the max purchase limits for both options to enable greater community participation:

  • Public A: the max limit will be lowered from $10,000 to $5,000
  • Public B: the max limit will be lowered from $2,500 to…

BENQI Public Sale Registration will begin on 15th April 2021, 9am Pacific Time.

*There will be a limit to the total number of registrations.*

Following the successful raise of our Strategic Round, BENQI is thrilled to announce that the registration for our Public Sale will begin on 15th April 2021. All participants must successfully pass KYC via Tokensoft. A total of 504,000,000 QI will be available for the public rounds (A and B) on 28th April 2021.

*U.S. citizens and residents will not be able to participate in the public sale. Other restrictions apply.

Public Sale Information

Total tokens allocated…

BENQI has successfully completed a strategic funding round. A total of $6 million was raised, led by Ascensive Assets, and were joined by Arrington XRP Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Mechanism Capital, TRGC, Woodstock Fund, and Spartan Group. Other backers were Ava Labs, Morningstar Ventures, GBV Capital, Moon Inc, Genblock Capital, Rarestone Capital, and leading liquidity provider Skynet Trading.

By having these strategic investors onboard, BENQI will leverage key industry leaders to help navigate the protocol through its initial bootstrapping phase and cross-chain integrations with key projects to help accelerate DeFi activity on Avalanche. …

Liquidity markets or money markets are one of the foundational structures within a healthy, thriving economy. It enables idle assets to be put to work, allowing people to borrow money to grow businesses or to pay for expenses, and also generating interest for people that lend their assets.

Liquidity markets have been around for generations, connecting both borrowers and lenders to align with their economic interests. While liquidity markets have changed over time, their purpose and fundamental design are largely unchanged.

Traditional liquidity markets have been a great contributor to the rise of the global economy over the ages, enabling…


BENQI is a decentralized non-custodial liquidity market protocol on Avalanche, enabling users to effortlessly lend, borrow, and earn interest with their assets.

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